The first 12 level golf program in the WORLD for Junior Golfers

The Goal of the Learning Program is to help your junior achieve the highest level they desire, whether they are playing just for fun, family, competition, high school, college, or all of the above.  If their dreams are to reach the highest level of playing professionally, we are here to support those goals wholeheartedly. EACH LEVEL CONSISTS OF 3 STAGES (4 HOURS= 1 STAGE)  A player may advance quickly from Level I to Level III without taking an advancement test, if they show diligence during practice, the desire to advance, and complete skills challenges.

Coach Rick maintains an evaluation card for each student and records the points each student earns. During a class, a dot, which represents a point value for a specific task, and is given to a student for showing proper fundamentals, completing a drill correctly, competing in skills competitions, demonstrating proper etiquette, following the rules, and showing proper practice of the training being provided.  Point values change constantly based on the lesson or skill.  The points are collected and kept in a database. 

Next Level Golf USA

A)      12 Level Program

        a.        Level    1 - introduction to golf

        b.        Level    2 - minimal experience

        c.        Level    3-10 - training and developmental

        d.        Level    11-12 - professional golf/tour training

B)       Juniors are reward for their daily performance with a point score card

        a.        Points are based on a scale of 1-5 for performance on any golf task

        b.        Points are also awarded based on the competitive skill challenge

C)      Juniors are reward for their daily competition with additional points

D)      Juniors receive points for tournament entries and top 3 finishes

E)      Juniors receive points for mentoring

F)      Points are kept track on a website so that parents may see their  performance development

G)     Yearly totals are recorded and tracked on the website

H)      Junior Bio on website with point tracking so that recruiters and tournament directors may view

I)       Juniors can use their points toward discounts on golf products and tournaments

J)      Juniors are required to take a players ability test once the Instructor determines all performance and skills are met during each level. Once the Player passes the test they may advance to the Next Level, and are rewarded with a colored bracelet to wear or hang from their golf bag.

K)      Next Level Golf USA™ is a membership site, and the yearly charge is for maintenance, and to cover awards, shirts, and wrist bands. The remaining revenue is placed in a Scholarship Fund

L)      Next Level Golf USA™  is a firm believer and supporter or US Kids Golf, and the First Tee Program as well as those whom support the development of Junior Golf

M)     Next Level Golf USA™ is an advocate of tournament golf and supports all tours, tournaments, and invitational’s that provide advancement for juniors

N)     Next Level Golf USA™ is trademarked and all information, program, and testing is copyrighted.

O)     Next Level Golf USA™ provides another training avenue for Golf Professionals, it does not teach Golf Professionals how to teach, but enhances any existing program

Next Level Golf USA™ is a Porthole, designed to show parents and students their daily, yearly and competitive, performance, and mentoring standings. The goal is to create a more competitive situation and record the information while having fun. Recruiters now have a way to track a player’s involvement in golf from age 5- Graduation.  

Many Juniors do not have the money for school or cannot financially commit to competing continuously, so they may miss out on many events that recruiters attend. The website helps keep the player's history on one website.

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