Hankim, Hannah (Naval Academy, Golf Team)

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Winston Church Hill HS
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Height:5'7"Weight:140Age:18Prim. Position:Golfer18 Hole Average76.86Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranking214Tournament Scoring Average154Scoring Diff1.95

I am Hannah Hankim, a 5’7 golfer in the 2021 graduating class. I made Churchill Varsity as a freshman, and have been considered a starter ever since. A 3.9 GPA student, I pride myself on academic excellence as well as achieving my absolute best on the field; in my sophomore year, I received 1st place at Co-Ed districts, and I only aim to be as consistent at the very least. I pride myself on consistency with gradual improvement on every facet of my game, with my strength at the moment being approach shots, and my driver shots reaching 250 yards. My training encompasses all 365 days of the year; every day I am, at the very least, on the range. I hope to contribute whatever I can to a collegiate program, while also furthering my career goals at the next level.
Naval Academy
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Rick Burk, as well as other Coaches she has worked with over the years.
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Hannah Hankim